Personal Projects

“Which Die Is That Again?” is a fantasy comedy web series about a misfit group that comes together to play a table top role playing game.

“He Said Through Text” is a character driven drama of loss and love about a young woman whose only communication with the one she loves is through text message. In a world where technology is meant to bring us closer together, what if all you had left, were text messages? With the way the world has been lately, there are a lot of people grieving.
I hope this film can help at least one of you.

El Camino: A Tale of Brotherly Revenge is a feature length Grind House style revenge flick, written by Nathaniel Grauwelman. The script is for sale and the trailer was shot as a marketing tool for this end. It’s creation involved 24 filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians. It was shot in eight locations across four cities in and around the Cincinnati area.