Which Die Is That Again?

A fantasy comedy web series about a misfit group that comes together to play a table top role playing game. The idea came from a my own experiences as a new player to D&D. I asked my friend to run a game for myself and my then girlfriend. That was a decade ago and the series has taken on many forms since then. Finally, in 2016, we were able to film the first half of Season 1 and, in 2017, the remaining four episodes. You can watch all 8 episodes on YouTube.

The Briefcase

"The Briefcase" was created for the 2014 Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Festival by Eye Candy Productions, a team that had mutual ties but had never worked together before and mostly had no experience with the festival. The team elected to upload the film as it was turned in, on time, for the festival's deadline. It was written, shot, edited and produced within the 48 hour time limit and we're pretty pleased with how it turned out. It ended up taking home Runner-Up in the "Best Film" category among other awards.

He Said Through Text

"He Said Through Text" is a character driven drama of loss and love about a young woman whose only communication with the one she loves is through text message. In a world where technology is meant to bring us closer together, what if all you had left, were text messages?

The film was shot in 2012 and we hit a lot of bumps trying to get it finished. Finally, years later, we we did. It's meant to be a means of healing for those who have lost. I hope this film can help at least one of you.